Top 10 best places to live in the UK

Published: 2017-03-25

This week we are looking at the best places to live in the UK. The survey was done by Halifax Quality of Life index. The research looked at 24 categories including average earnings, employment, health life expectancy, personal wellbeing, education and also broadband speed.

Our Number 10 is Chiltern in Buckinghamshire in the South East however a year ago was in third place. It has the one of the largest homes, with an average 6.4 rooms versus the UK average 5.5 and was also top for female life expectancy 86.7 years compared to an average 83.2 across the UK.



St Albans

Number 9 is Wokingham District in Berkshire had high score for having better than average scores for earnings, employment life expectancy, GCSE passes, fast broadband, personal wellbeing and low level of crime. Residents in Wokingham scored 97% for good health that’s second highest score.

Number 8 St Albans Has scored for better than average earnings, employment, Education and also low crime Levels. It has also one of the highest proportions of qualified adults. St Albans was recorded with average weekly earnings at £1,018 that’s per week, it has third place in highest-paid residents in the UK.


South Cambridgeshire


Number 7 is Purbeck in Dorset. It did not make top 50 last year but this year it scored to seventh place. It is popular for retirees and families alike, as it is one of the safest, most affluent and picturesque areas in the UK. Purbeck is home to Corfe Castle, Wool Swanage and Bovington.

Number 6 South Cambridgeshire is the top performing region for the East of England with above average earnings, employment, life expectancy and personal wellbeing. However, is has one of the lowest broadband 72% compared to 87% nationally. Also, is scores low on GCSE at 64% compared to 68.6 UK wide.

Number 5 Hambleton In the North East of England. It has moved form 30 places up comparing to previous year. It is a home to the likes of Thirsk, Kilburn, Easingwold and Northallerton. Hambelton scored for having one of the highest employments rated in the UK at 87.7%

Derbyshire Dales


Orkney Islands

Number 4 Derbyshire Dales It has one of the largest numbers of bars and pubs that’s 27 per 10,000 adults. It scores for having one of the highest employment rates, with 87.7%. In Derbyshire Dales there is many of adults who have a higher qualifications such a degree or NVQ 4 and above that’s 45.1% adults comparing to national average of 35.6%.

Number 3 Wychavon in Worcestershire District it scored the highest for number of Health and Fitness clubs in the land that’s 3.5 per 10,000 adults, that’s why scored the well on personal and wellbeing and life expectancy. Wychavon includes the towns of Pershoe, Droitwich spa and Evensham.

Number 2 Orkney Islands in Scotland raised form 83 rd position last year let’s see why. Orkney Island has lowest burglary rate in the UK. Apparently, people have the lowest level of anxiety rating 1.9 out of 10. The Island have also the emptiest roads, residents can choose from variety of pubs as it has 20 per 10,000 adults.


Finally, Number 1 Winchester in Hampshire is very pretty and has been named best as having the best quality of life in the UK. Let’s have a look why, well it scores highly on health, life expectancy, crime rates and weather. It has an above average number of pubs and leisure facilities and said Winchester residents are among the happiest in the country. Winchester’s weekly earnings are £824 which is 27% higher than the UK average of £646.

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