Three Quarters of employees blame aches and pains on their work

Published: 2017-08-26

Office workers usually spend their working day in an office chair and not enough time during the work time on their feet. They blame office life for their pains and aches. So, this week we look at the problems connected to the working in an office environment and what we could do to help our health.

43% of UK Employees have eye strain problem, this is one of the most prominent injury workers face.

32% Suffer with severe headaches, leading to quarter of office staff visiting optician in the past year.

Just under 50% of office workers complains about the weight gain, under a third have gained at least a Stone since they began working in office environment.

So, let’s look at the reasons. One of the main reason is that workers have only on average three screen breaks a day across their 34.5 hour working week. One in six office workers is very unlucky and are admitting to suffering from RSI (Repetitive strain injury). A lot of injuries happens due to incorrect work set up of the desk, we have listed few set up steps that employees should always make sure they are following:

  • The Screen should be set at eye level 
  • Arms should be at keyboard level
  • Feet should be flat on the floor
  • Computer monitor should be directly in front of your keyboard
  • Sit up straight at your desk

Apart from injuries, office workers also facing having cold and flu bugs passed around at least every three weeks that’s tenth of UK Offices - Printerland reports.

Printerland survey shows that 22% of workers only state that they would take a sick day if had contagious illness. By doing this they would infect whole office with the illness they have.

Advise for employers for healthy office is to do regular individual desk assessments. 

Advise for employees is to have your desk set up correctly and take the breaks from your monitor, take a walk on your break and stretch.

We have listed 10 Simple steps how to stay healthy in an Office job:

  1. Eat breakfast
  2. Minimise eating sugar like snacks and candies
  3. Bring your own lunch
  4. Cut out on fizzy sugary drinks
  5. Drink and Drink lots of water
  6. Move as much as you can – walk, stretch and do office yoga
  7. Try to stand as much as you can
  8. Be active outside of work – walk to work and back if you can 
  9. Get enough sleep – don’t stay up to late
  10. Put your favourites photos and quotes in your work space

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