Small Businesses in the UK

Published: 2016-10-06

The government has urged more small business to show “ambition” after a survey found their confidence in the UK economy turned negative for the first time in four years according to the Financial Times. 

There is no doubt about it's reflecting after the Brexit result but keeping small business going is the key to the growing economy.

This week we set up an interview with a small family business owner. 

She has a nail salon in North London, working with few nail technicians.

I asked her how she started the business in North London. 

" My family member already had small hair/nail salon in North London and they wanted to expand their business, so they asked me to look after it" she said with pride. 

We then asked how is the business is going? 

She answered " It's good in the summer as lots of ladies love to have their nails done, specially pedicures. The summer is usually a good time for the business. It is quieter in the winter but still ok but the problem is to keep good staff in the salon. They just take holidays without checking with the salon, so sometimes everyone is on their holiday at the same time and they don't really care if nobody is available to cover their shift. 

She also said, " I can't take days off because this is my business and my family has the same problem. We do help each other but to be honest, sometimes working with ones own family is very difficult." 

She told me she hasn't had a proper holiday since she took over the business 4 years ago. The longest holiday she had is 3 days off when the shop closed for refurbished work. 

She explained" Our family wasn't wealthy, we've just worked very hard to earn it. It is very stressful to running a business because you have to worry about your employee's problem too. I don't mind working hard but it would be lovely to take time off from it too."

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