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Published: 2017-03-12

Last week we looked at oldest companies in the world that till today do exist. The list is very long and we mentioned two companies, one of them the oldest company we could find and the other UK oldest company. So, let’s have a look at other companies and the type of those companies that existence is the longest. 

We can see there is a lot of hotels listed like Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan hot spring Hotel in Hayahawa, Yamanashi Prefecture Japan. It was founded in 705 AD and it is the oldest hotel and the one of the oldest company in the world. Guinness World Records officially recognised Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan as the oldest Hotel in the world in 2011.

This hotel was operated by 52 generations of the same family for over 1,300 Years. Hotel is famous of its natural hot springs surrounding Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan which allowed for creation of several healing baths –those drew visitors to come to the hotel and relax. Since its foundation, the hotel had all its hot water sources directly form the local Hakuho Springs. Hotel its self has 37 rooms and was last renovated in 1997, even it is bigger now than it was over thousand years ago but you can still see its original features.

So, what other types of companies we can see? As well as hotels- Restaurants too seem to be famous of its long existence. The St. Peter Stiftskeller is a restaurant within the monastery walls of St. Peter’s Aschabey. Salburg, Australia. Not only is it the oldest restaurant, but it’s also the seventh- oldest company in the world and the oldest company outside of Japan. It was mentioned in a document by the scholar Alcuin, a follower of Charlemagne, in the year 803 AD. The Salzburg established claims to be the oldest documented restaurant in continuous operation.  St. Peter Stiftskeller was at one time indistinguishable from a monk’s pub. Both Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Christopher Columbus are said to be served at the restaurant. 

What else can we see on the list is wine and pub type.  Staffelter Hof is a family run winery, distillery and gust house situated in small town of Kröv situated in Bernkastel-Wittlich district of Rhineland-Palatinate Germany. The name Staffelter Hof comes from wine producing abbey. The winery goes back as far as 862 and therefore is one of the oldest companies in the world. Its first written original document is now located in the city archives of Lüttich/Liege, Belgium. The history says that lands belonged to the Carolingian Dynasty (580-876 AD) which spread as far as Kröv and beyond. Home of the current winery, were donated to the abbey to work as a source of income. These properties were in possession of the abbey until establishment of the Napoleonic Code in 1804. The land was purchased by Peter Schneiders for 1773 Taler(silver coin, dollar) and it was passed down 7 generations to Jan Matthias Klein the current wine maker who took over from his father Gerd Klein in 2005.

What are the statistics? We have found that prior to year 1300 Japan has the most of oldest companies in the world. We have counted 23 Companies and the field of companies like Constructions, Hotels, Religious goods, Confectionery, Ceremonial paper, Sake, Tea and herbs. The oldest we can see ranging from 578-771 AD That’s only in Japan. Then we have Australia with 4 Companies prior year 1300 in the filed like Restaurant from the year 803 AD, Woodworking, Hotel and Brewery. Germany 12 Companies In field like wine, lots of Breweries and Hotels. Ireland with 2 Pubs with one of the pubs History going as far as 900 AD. And we Have reached to UK. United Kingdom oldest company we have mentioned in previous post. Our Oldest pub in Britain which has over 1112 yeas is still in operation. United Kingdom 8 Companies are listed in those fields, Pubs, Mill, Land & livestock, Hotels and harbour - Aberdeen Harbour Board dating back to 1136 AD. Then we have France with 3 companies, famous of its wine France has the oldest companies in filed wine and cognac (brandy), the oldest going back to year 1000. Three oldest companies in Belgium are Breweries one of them tracing its roots back to year 1074 AD. Denmark is listed for one company in field Mill called Munke Mølle Founded in 1135 as water mill on the Odense River in Odense City still today produces bread and cake mixes. Switzerland has two restaurants that trace back to before year 1300 and approximately the oldest in Switzerland was founded in 1230. We are reaching the end of our list for companies prior to 1300, Poland oldest company is Wieliczka Salt Mine 1250 AD, on the other oldest polish company is restaurant Piwnica Swidnicka. Wieliczka produced table salt continuously until 2007 as one of the oldest salt mines in the world. It is still open to visitors has underground restaurant, till today big ceremonies are happening in Wieliczka mine. Finland StoraEnso is a pulp and paper manufacturer In Helsinki Finland from the year 1288 AD. The one of the oldest family business in the world founded in 1295 Barovier & Toso Specializes in Venetian Glass in Murano Italy. Italian oldest company is Marinelli Bell Foundry is one of the oldest family business worldwide producing bells founded in Year 1000.

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St. Kinga's Chapel, deep in the Wieliczka salt mine

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