Increase in Prescription Charges

Published: 2017-04-01

This week we look at the prescription charge increase in certain National Health Services, we will look at who will be affected and who does not need to worry. It is said that the rise will be fair and expected to rise with inflation. The changes are taking place form 1st April 2017, so let’s have a looks what is changing:

Prescription increasing from £8.40 to £8.60 that’s 20 pence more than previously for each medicine or appliance dispensed.

3 Months PPC remains at £29.10

Annual PPC will remains at £104

NHS Dental Care:

From £19.70 to £20.60 A Band One course of treatment and urgent treatment that’s an increase by 90pence

From £53.90 to £56.30 A Band two course of treatment increased by £2.40

From £233.70 to £244.30 A Band three course of treatment which means it increased by £10.60

Wigs and fabric supports

£28.40 Surgical Brassiere

£42.95 Abdominal or spinal support

£70.15 Stock modacrylic wig

£185.80 Partial human hair wig

£271.70 Full Bespoke human hair wig

For those with greatest need like patients with long-term conditions, the cost of prescription has been frozen for another year, that’s for prepayment certificates (PPC’s) to allow unlimited prescription within a specified time period.

Already existing arrangements for prescription charge exemptions will remain in place, meaning those with certain medical conditions like cancer, epilepsy and diabetes, pregnant women and new mothers, children under 16 and anyone over 60 also including those on low income.


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