Holiday leave and its effects

Published: 2016-08-08

This week we looked at taking time off work for holidays.

In the UK, almost all full time workers are legally entitled to receive 28 days paid holiday per year.  British people are most likely to take all of their holiday.  Research by YouGov showed up to 75% of people said they will take 25-26 days out of 28 days’ holiday.

Taking holidays to spend time with family and unwind from work stress is very important and even helps people to be more productive on return to work.   Our studies have shown that it can take up to a week to properly unwind from work and relax into a holiday so a 10-14 day holiday is shown to be the most productive.

We do however see many people doing or picking up parts of work on their holidays.  In some cases this cannot be avoided, however  to get maximum impact of your holiday it is important to trust that other people can pick up urgent work while you are away and not to feel guilty about your time off.

In contrast to the UK, Japan has been known as a hard working nation but ranked as one of the worst country for workers to take their paid holiday.  In Japan, workers typically use less than half their annual leave.   According to a survey by labour ministry in 2013, workers took only 9 out of their 18.5 days’ average entitlement. Also, a separate poll by The Japan Times showed that 1 in 6 workers took no paid holidays at all.  Statistics show that Japan that a number of people suffer from over-tiredness due to overwork and this in cases has led to people talking their own lives because of work stress-related problems.

So take that extended time off to relax and spend time with friends and family, the world will not fall apart because you are not in contact for one or two weeks!  Put your out of office on and enjoy your time off…

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