Car Allowance

Published: 2016-07-18

This week we are looking at car schemes and allowances in the social housing sector. During 2016, Inbucon, a remuneration consultancy Company, undertook a survey on car allowances in the Social Housing Sector and we have looked at the results of this report.

40 Housing Associations took part in the Report.  Out of the 40, 78% operate a car scheme, a surprisingly large percentage.

Of those who operate a car scheme, 22% operate both a company car and a car allowance, while 78% provide only a car allowance.

The majority of positions eligible were sighted as Executive Directors, Directors, Head of Functions and those who need to be out and about visiting customers.

For Chief Executives, Directors and Head of Functions, the average provided is 45p per mile.  For other staff, the majority of Associations pay HMRC mileage rate.

Interestingly only 14% of Housing Managers, Lettings Advisors and Scheme Managers receive a car allowance.  The average payment being £2,264 for Housing Managers and £1,581 for Lettings Advisors and Scheme Managers.

The median annual payment for Managers roles is £1,778 but Executives and Directors can receive £4,750 above.

About 30% of organisations who took part in the report said they are currently looking to review their car benefits. The main factors that will be looked at are removing historical car allowance, pro-rating car allowances for part time workers and phasing out vehicles in favor of cash allowance.

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