Call out rate

Published: 2016-07-21

This week we look at call out rates in the social housing sector.

During 2016, Inbucon, a remuneration consultancy Company, undertook a survey on call out rates in the Social Housing Sector and we have looked at the results of this Report.

Organisations operate a "call out" system for people operating outside of normal hours.

Call out payments are made to employees who are on a stand by duty rota.

The average weekly payment made for these type of rate is £211.

The report also looks at quartile data.

The weekly payment by quartile data is, lower quartile £143, median £205 and upper quartile £215.

On top of this weekly rate, the operative commonly receives an extra payment for evening and weekend call outs.  On week nights, they receive 1.5 times on top of usual call out payment and 2 to 3 times on top of usual payment on weekend and bank holidays.

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