Best Bosses in the UK

Published: 2017-09-18

This week we look at the survey done by One4All rewards who surveyed more than 1,000 workers over the age of 18 in the UK. Their report shows what makes a great boss and how many actually demonstrate these qualities in the work place. We also look at what makes a bad boss. We look at how positive or negative relationships between boss and employee can impact the atmosphere of a workplace.

Let’s have a look at statistics:

  • 56% of workers would rate their boss as either good or excellent
  • 63% of bosses in Manchester are rated as Good or Excellent 
  • 78% of workers look for Good communication skills in a boss 
  • 30% wouldn’t change anything about the relationship they have with their boss
  • 20% of workers would want their boss to show more gratitude that’s one in five people
  • 17% of employees would like their boss to be more supportive 
  • 13% would rate their boss as poor or very poor that’s more than one in ten workers
  • 33% people agree that most common weakness in UK bosses is being disorganised 

Has gender have anything to do with it? Do workers think that Female or male are better bosses?

  • 49% think that men and women make equally good bosses, that’s nearly half of workers
  • 10% would prefer a male boss 
  • 6% would prefer a female boss

How many people is actually happy with their boss?

  • 41% rate they have a good boss
  • 15% say they have an excellent boss

What makes a bad boss?

More than one in 10 People is not happy with their boss, but this is not because they are not doing their own job properly. The issue has been identified as bad relationship - not managing positive relationship and not getting the most out of their staff. 
Being Disorganised - one third voted this is the one of the biggest weakness.
Dragging the office atmosphere down by being moody - one4all survey shows that 13% of people voted and 12% voted that their bosses are controlling.
11% say that their bosses are lazy and rely on other people to pick up their work, also 11% of people say that their boss is unpredictable.

So, let’s sum it up. What makes a good boss, what workers do appreciate in their bosses and how to improve and be a good boss. 

  • Most important is having good communication skills. What are good communication skills? No, is not speaking prefect English or any other language. Good communication skills are being a good listener, use your body language, like eye contact, hand gestures and tone. Clarity and concision, you need to be friendly and the listener will want to pay full attention to what you are saying. Be confident, Empathise, be open minded, people want to be heard and understood and very importantly respected.
  • Secondly appreciation for hard work is the very important for the workers. What people want is for their boss to appreciate what they do for the company, say thanks or that’s a great work etc. Employees say hearing Thank you from their boss is motivating them to work harder. 
  • Third place takes up Being helpful, getting involved with additional tasks during busy period is essential. Sometimes just few minutes of your important time can save hours of work for others, you may know more efficient way to complete the task, or where to find what they need. If you show willingness to help, it makes your employees feel that they have that helpful hand who they can rely on.  
  • Positive relationship is on the fourth place, what is positive relationship between boss and employee? Teamwork –why? Boss is a part of the team, he or she is the leader, so if you are a boss you may be a leader but you are still a Team player make sure you listen to your team, don’t make them feel like there is bad idea. Mentoring - help for your employees, show you care, help others to develop. 

Helpful in building positive relationship are the above listed skills, good communication skills, being grateful and helpful. Being aware of your own emotional state and work to spread the positive emotions. Trust - make sure you keep your promises and be fair. Be an inspiration not someone who the employees fear.


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